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My company, Business Financials Advisors LLC, helps struggling companies throughout the United States. Having three crusty yet brilliant business executives with a combined experience of over 140 years makes us ideal advisors.

As a result, we often do a lot of traveling by car. We maintain robust insurance policies on our vehicles to protect us against all unforeseen events, or so we thought.

Last week when we were barreling through Terre Haute, Indiana at 3 am headed for a 9 am meeting in Chicago, guess what happened? We blew out the two front tires!

I called the number on the back of the insurance card and got an answering machine!

After that, I used my Android phone to Google wrecker services near me and found a truly magical company that was there to save the day, Terre Haute Towing Service (www.terrehautetowingservice.com)

Prompt Service

 Even though it was 3 am, after I Googled wrecker services near me and got Terre Haute Towing Service, and called them, I found myself speaking to a live call dispatcher.

She listened carefully to my story and asked a couple of questions about the condition of the car and about our specific location. And then she told me the truck would be there in 10 minutes!

It was unbelievable!

And what happened next was also unbelievable: the tow truck from Terre Haute Towing Service pulled up lickity-split!

When he arrived on scene, the driver backed the truck right up to our car, pressed a button and giant robotic arms came out of the back of the tow truck and lifted our car up by the two front tires in about one minute!

“Come on fellas, let’s go!” he said as he invited us into the cab with him.

I was anticipating the need to travel to Terre Haute Regional Airport and hope for an all night car rental. Fortunately, our driver from Terre Haute Towing Service offered us an additional option. “You’re not the only car to have a breakdown near the I-70 Corridor in the middle of the night and I know a garage that’s open right now!”

Were we ecstatic to hear that, or what?

The Best Possible Outcome

 Finding a garage open in the middle of the night was a Godsend, all thanks to our new best pals Terre Haute Towing Service!

The mechanic pulled both tires off the rims and examined them. “These blow-outs can be patched and I can rotate these tires to the back of the car for you!”

Wow! He didn’t mess around. We literally got back on the road in 35 minutes!

This was unbelievable for what had looked like certain disaster when I initially Googled wrecker services near me and expected a nightmare!

For the unbelievable performance I received from the good folks in Terre Haute, Indiana, I will always be grateful and particularly from Terre Haute Towing Service who I wished every towing company could be like!

(BTW, We made it to Chicago for our meeting on-time and no worse for wear)!


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